THE NAUTICA STORY began in 1983 when founder and designer, David Chu, had one clear vision: bring the inspiration of the sea to everyday style across the world. Starting with only six outerwear styles, he grew Nautica into a renowned global lifestyle brand with over 35 categories in more than 65 countries. Today, the brand continues to be defined by the original vision of reimagined nautical style. With a refreshed take on heritage, Nautica provides high-quality fashion that delivers versatility and comfort, with a multi-generational appeal. The Nautica brand marks and their usage are the cornerstone of the brand’s identity. They are immediately recognizable and representative of Nautica as a whole. As such, they must be protected through proper use and communicated effectively through the creative parameters outlined in this guide. This document has been created to direct partners in their development for the Nautica brand. The guidelines presented herein provide a means for maintaining continued protection for Nautica and related trademarks. It is important that these brand guidelines are noted and followed closely to ensure accuracy, consistency, and maintain brand integrity. All uses of the Nautica brand marks must adhere to these guidelines and are subject to approval by Authentic Brands Group